Vintage Scarves

An electic mix of Vintage fashion, souvenir and collectable Coronation scarves from 1940 - 1960s,

Celebrating design, colour and fun,

I have been an avid collector of vintage scarves and wear a different one every day in fact I find it hard to part with them,

My absolute favourites are souvenir scarves especially my city London but Paris comes a close second,

The Coronation scarves are magnificent such colour depicting fabulous scenes of pomp and ceremony fantastic!

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1930S original Deco Starburst Design Chiffon handkerchief
A beautiful Deco striking design sunburst silk chiffon hankerchief, orange, brown, nude A..
1940S Red Lipstick New York Large Silk Scarf!
Fabulously rare perfect NYC silk scarf the colour is deep ruby red ith beautifully graphic drawn ..
1940s Victory Propaganda Allied Flags Rayon scarf
A fabulous Victory scarf designed after the Allied Victory in 1945 Heavy rayon PROPAGANDA 194..
1940s ww11 Star Spangled banner USA Cotton Scarf Rare
An amazing piece of history from WW11  fantastic to frame Original Star-Spangled Banner ..
1950 London landmark Souvenir Scarf
A great graphic designed London 1950s souvenir scarf almost like a chess set with beautifullt dra..
1950's Silk Scarf by Thirkell of Bond Street's "London Railway Tube Map"
An amazing scarf depicting the London Map of railway and Tube system 1950s so beautiful! By T..
1950s Blue Gibraltar The Rock Souvenir Scarf
A large vibrant 1950s scarf depicting Gibralter the rock, beach scenes, spanish guitar palying la..
1950s Bullfighting Arena Scarf
A beautiful small 1950s spanish scarf depicting a bullfighting ring and spanish lady, Perfect..
1950s fabulous Unused Clacton seaside  Novelty Souvenir Scarf MINT!
Such a rare find a 1950s unused Clacton on sea souvenit scarf, The graphics are fabulous i WA..
1950s Gibraltor Matador Scarf
A fabulous yellow 1950s Gibralter  souvenir scarf depicting a bullfighter! Great collect..
1950s Original Novelty Red Feather Designed Unusual Silk Scarf
A fabulous 1950s vibrant rouge red feather designed scarf with beautiful feathers all over, A..
1950s Original Souvenir Spanish Flamenco Dancers Scarf
A vibrant beautiful action packed 1950s souvenir scarf from spain, fabulous colours and movement ..
1950s Rare Souvenir Blackpool Scarf
An  aamzing piece of blackpool seaside history this is definitely one to frame, Measurem..
1951 Festival of Britain Unused Handkerchief Rare
Iconic deisgnd logo hankie from the amazing Festival of Britain 1951 UNUSED! The images depic..
1953 Original London dramatic  coronation Scarf
An original 1953 coronation scarf, vibrant colours, ..
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