Vintage Scarves

An electic mix of Vintage fashion, souvenir and collectable Coronation scarves from 1940 - 1960s,

Celebrating design, colour and fun,

I have been an avid collector of vintage scarves and wear a different one every day in fact I find it hard to part with them,

My absolute favourites are souvenir scarves especially my city London but Paris comes a close second,

The Coronation scarves are magnificent such colour depicting fabulous scenes of pomp and ceremony fantastic!

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1950s Silk Scarf with 1950s Ladies Cheers, Salut, fabulous illustration
1950s Silk Scarf with 1950s Ladies Cheers, Salut, fabulous illustration  Great condition..
1950s Trafalgar Square Scarf
A fabulous 1950s scarf depicting scenes of london there rae some marks but generally in good cond..
1951 Festival of Britain Unused Handkerchief Rare
Iconic deisgnd logo hankie from the amazing Festival of Britain 1951 UNUSED! The images depic..
1953 Original London dramatic  coronation Scarf
An original 1953 coronation scarf, vibrant colours, ..
1953 Original London Sites Sheer coronation Scarf
An exquisite 153 Coronation scarf depicting Londons landmarks, sheer chiifon silk,  Love..
1960's London Paintings Scarf
1960s Jacqmar stylized Flower scarf
A great stylized flower designed 1960s Jacqmar scarf, great colours together ocher mustard yellow..
BOAC Jacqmar Speedbird Design 1970s Scarf Turquoise, blues. White Silk
A beautiful example of the BOAC Speedway Design Scarf from 1970s, These were designed  t..
BOAC Rare 1940s Airplane Silk Scarf
A fabulous large original silk scarf from BOAC airline great condition fantastic peace of history..
Boac Scarf
Fabulous Jacqmar smart 1960's BOAC Speedbird vintage silk scarf, rolled edges, light silk Gr..
Jacqmar Vintage Champagne Label Silk scarf Rare
A fabulous rare Jacqmar scarf depicting famous champagne labels, Great condition one small ti..
Japanese Scarf depicting 3 Geishas in Stunning Kimonos
A beautiful Japanese scarf depicting three glamourous geishas in amazing kimonos, Heavy shiny..
Vintage Designer Caroline Herrera Navy Polka Dot Scarf
An amazing lrge silg Caroline Herrera Navy polka dot on white background with yellow bordered sca..
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