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chapel marketPossessed N1 Shop is Chapel Market has now closed its doors after 5 years we are continuing our online virtual store and will be taking part in Vintage Fairs such as Clerkenwell Vintage Fair in Rosebery Town Hall and unique pop up events which we will post in our news section,

We are searching for a new venue where we can host our amazing Supper clubs and display our vintage treasures meanwhile enjoy our Online Shop!


Possessed N1 opened its doors finally on 3rd December 2011 with a little fanfare of cakes and cava! My sister Cindy and I first visited the shop in May 2011 both being very excited that it was on Chapel Market which was an important part of our childhood. We bought our clothes, fruit and veg and even swimming costumes there, not to mention the most important place on the market for us, Manzes and Pie and Mash!



After much persuading from Cindy we signed the lease in August 2011 and building work begun. I moved in above the shop in November 2011. My years of being an artist, collector of all things beautiful and an avid follower of 1930s to 1950s fashion finally came to the test – I was a SHOPKEEPER!

The mantra of Possessed N1 is glamour, individuality, style. My aim is to create an eclectic exciting and ever changing enviroment.

I hope you all love the website and come and visit the shop to see all the delights for yourself. I would love to meet you.

In the last 18 months since completion of our renovation and the installation of our working English Rose Kitchen we have had quite a few Supper Clubs kicking off with Chef Ralf Wittig head Chef of Franklins Restaurant in East Dulwich we had a fabulous German Brunch Feast with a 1930's Cabaret theme outfits galore! 

Our next supper club we had the fabulous Sam and Sam Clark from Moro who I had the pleasure of working with for 4 years they did Christmas extravaganza with a Pedro Almoldavar theme needless to say we were fully booked with a waiting list within 2 hours hurrah!

Next came Marianna head chef of Moro (who had also cooked at the Moro pop up ) she hails from Crete her father is a fisherman and her mother Scottish she grew up working in her parents restaurant and spent her childhood gathering local recipes from who ever she could, we have had many Cretan Feasts in le shop and they have all been amazing and different and I am lucky to be able to continue working with Marianna la la la!

Lastly I am lucky enough to have worked with some Japanese chefs who did a private party for me in le shop the food was magnificent and they are keen to do one of my supper clubs as well as another friend who is a chef at Nobu I am doing my best to procure her for a one off event so watch this space!



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